Frequently Asked Questions

How does scoring work in Word Stash?

The scoring system is based on the words that solve. You receive 10 multiplied by the length of the word you solved. For example, if you solve the word TEN, which is three letters, you get 30 points.

How does timing work in Word Stash?

You will receive additional time for the words you solve in each puzzle. You are given 1 second of extra time multiplied by the length of the word. For example, if you were to solve the word TEN, which is three letters, you get 3 seconds add to the clock.

How do you beat a round/move on to the next level?

To move onto the next puzzle, you have to solve the 9 letter word. However, it is better for your score and time to try to get some of the other words in the puzzle. Solving these also gives you letter hints to the 9 letter word.

What happens if you get all the words in the puzzle?

Solving the entire puzzle will move you onto the next round, and also give you an additional time and score bonus. You receive 10 extra seconds and 300 points.

I ran out of tokens, what can I do?

There are a couple of ways to get tokens. We have a free option where you can collect a fixed amount of tokens, which can be found on the Home screen under Rewards. The other option is to get a token package for low prices which include perks like no advertisements after purchase.

How does the hint system work?

You can get hints up until the 6th letter of the 9 letter word. If you are stuck with no more coins or hints, you can get one free hint by pressing the button in game.