The Human Touch - A Social Media Refresher

There are so many tools nowadays that make many promises to make your social media management easier, and some of them do just that, but to get the best results you need to be hands on and understand why you’re pursuing this avenue for marketing first.

We’ll give you a general outline to help you manage your social media strategy;

Interact With Your Audience

  1. Talk to your users. Get their feedback. Implement the necessary changes. Your product should always be evolving.
  2. Listen to different aspects of your company. “social media” is broad, but it affects different aspects of your business in a unique manner. Understand how to best use this tool to positively impact your whole business.

Understand Why You’re Doing This

What’s the point of using social media? Are you trying to get users? Downloads? Purchases? Raise awareness?

Recognize Patterns

What are your users telling you? Is it coming from a special demographic or geographic location? What opportunities does this provide you? When you post on social media, do your users find it useful or is it just noise? Data is the key component of any impactful marketing strategy. Understand the metrics that will define your success.

You’re Talking to People, Never Forget That

How are you going to elicit an emotional response to get people to interact with your content in the intended way? Don’t be a corporate tool, talk to your users as people and add a personal touch. If handled the right way, your loudest critics will become your strongest supporters.

Know the Difference Between Each Platform

There are many avenues available for social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and so many more. Each one allows you to interact with your users in a unique and meaningful way. Don’t treat them all the same way. Carefully craft a unique strategy for each platform and use them to cross-promote.