Defining User Flow

You can have a vision for your app in your head, and its absolutely perfect, but in order to ensure the users see the same thing you do, you have to put the time and effort into crafting the perfect user flow.

What is user flow?

Flow is movement. It's efficiency. It's conversion. It's everything.

The purpose of the user flow is to allow users to navigate to where they want to go on your app. Think about what they’ll be doing on your app. What features will be most important? Which features will they want to be able to access easily, and which features will they rarely use?


  1. Define your objective. Why are you creating the app? What do you want users to be able to do? Build the flow with this in mind.
  2. Test out different user flows with users. Survey people. Walk them through your vision.
  3. Be extremely detailed. Think of every possible scenario. What happens if they click X button from the home screen vs. what happens if they click X button from a different screen.
  4. Take the user feedback and tweak your flow. After all, you’re building this app for the users to solve a problem.
  5. Be able to explain it to a 5 year old. If you can’t, then your development will get confused and cause delays in getting your app produced.

Good Luck!

-Word Stacker Team