Online Marketing Metrics Must Know Definitions

In online marketing, there are a lot of buzzwords thrown around about metrics you need to follow, but what do they all really mean? We have listed below, the top metrics and definitions that anyone who is getting into the online marketing world should understand in order to successfully grow their business online:


  1.  Overall Traffic – overall number of visitors to your website

  2. Traffic Source – there are many different sources of traffic to websites.

Common Traffic Sources

  1. Direct – the user types in your URL into their browser

  2. Organic – visitors search for something related to you and end up on your site

  3. Referral – this happens when your website URL is posted on other sites or blogs

  4. Social Media – when your social media platform drives users to your website

User Types

  1. New – you’re doing a good job of getting users to your site

  2. Repeat – you’re doing a good job of keeping users on your site

  3. High New, Low Repeat – you’re driving traffic, but aren’t keeping users

  4. Low New, High Repeat – you have a good site, but you need to get users to your site

Time & Interaction

  1. Time – the more time users spend the better, they like what they see

  2. Interaction – look at where they spend their time, what part of the webpage and what parts they skip over to see where you need to improve


  1. Exit rate – at what point or what webpage on your multi-page website do users leave

  2. Bounce rate – how many people leave as soon as they come to your website? If this number is high, you need to improve your website or maybe the users that are coming to your site are from irrelevant sources

Cost & Revenue per visitor

If you get $1000 worth of sales from an Adword campaign, and the campaign drove 250 users to your website, your cost per visitor is $1000/250 or $4, which is the max you should spend on marketing through this method

Total Conversion

This is the number of unique visitor who either purchase something or join a mailing list on your site, divided by the total number of unique visitors. HIGHER CONVERSION = $$$

Cost Per Acquisition

The total number of paying customers acquired divided by the total amount of money spent on marketing

These metrics will help you get your feet wet in the field of online marketing, and tracking them will take some time, but getting good at them will help you out a mile in the long run. Happy Marketing!

- Word Stacker Team