Brainstorming a Mobile Game Idea

When it comes to mobiles games, there is a lot of thought process involved from generating the idea until actually creating the app. Here are our top three concepts we think would help you get off the ground. 

The journey begins with brainstorming. Do you have a unique idea for your game? Is it something that a lot of people would enjoy playing? These are the type of questions you should ask yourself as you are coming up with ideas. Don't be afraid to use a whiteboard or a blank white paper to scramble thoughts out. 

Once you have a concept out, the next important thing to do is look at what the market says. At the end of the day, the market is going to determine whether your idea is great or a complete waste. If you are creating a POV shooter game, are there any games similar to that in the top 100? If there are, check out what people are saying about those competitor games online, or through the app store reviews. 

Finally, you need to ASK. Find people who are in your target market for users, and literally ask them what they think of your idea. This can be done through in person, friends and family, or even by creating a survey. Push the survey out through online forums or you can use online paid services such as Mechanical Turk to help you get answers. 

We hope our favorite three things can help you out too as you look into creating your own mobile game! 

- Word Stacker Team