Educational, intuitive, and challenging, Word Stash is the most fun word puzzle game!

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This app is perfect for on the go mobile gaming! I play this every time I feel like exercising my brain :).
— iOS user

Here's how it works:

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Solve as many words as you can with the given letters to get a higher score and hints to the 9 letter word. Solving the 9 letter word lets you move on to the next Word Stash puzzle.

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Be careful to watch your timer, solving words will give you time boosts, but take too long and you will run out of time!

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Become a Word Stash master, and show off to your friends who the real genius of the group is! 


Give back with Word Stash


We support a variety of organizations by making charitable contributions based on earnings from the game. These include organizations that focus on mental/brain health, neurological conditions, education, and many others. That means by you playing daily, you support people in need around the world!

THIS APP IS SO FUN !! Everyone is impressed with the new vocabulary I learned :)
— Android user